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Image by Paweł Czerwiński




This collection of casual wear pocketing refers to the clothes we use for everyday wear. This style has an emphasis on comfort, relaxation, and informality. This line includes a wide range of pocketing which can be suitable for multiple non-denim categories. These seasonal styles focus on brand expression, design and comfort over formality. Sustainable options when needed.​

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 Pepe Jeans: 

“There is nothing more annoying than the pocketing in your jeans disintegrating with time and wear. Once broken its impossible to fix and those highly favoured truly worn in jeans usually get discarded.The pocketing therefore in a jean has to be strong, durable and long lasting, Copen offers this service.”



This collection is a group of specialty fabrics that are designed from fiber to finish to add value and performance. These values include assets such as breathability, wicking, flex, quick drying and strength. We offer both woven and knit constructions in rigid or stretch depending on our customer needs. Our recently launched C-Shield anti-microbial fabrics are a sub category of our performance group.


Since 1945

Our Pocketing collection was designed to meet the needs of Denim, Casual, Formal and Workwear brands. We have become an industry leader in providing sustainable solutions through our Trademark Encore collection of sustainable pocketing. In the last few seasons, we have launched both performance and antimicrobial lines as our market has pivoted to a broader product need across all categories. 


Our Denim pocketing collection includes light, medium and heavy weight constructions in both rigid and stretch qualities, designed to accommodate the various washes used in Men’s, Women’s and Kids denim.


This collection of pocketing was designed with sophistication in mind. Finer yarn and higher count weaves to provide smoother softer luxurious hands without compromising performance. Mostly twills and herringbones weaves with a few sateens. Refer to our lining collection that can easily cross over into the formal category providing interior design and function application for formal clothing. Sustainable options when needed.


This collection of uniform and workwear pocketing includes both woven and knit product from medium to heavy weight styles. These fabrics were developed to meet the requirements for occupational work wear and performance needs.  Including Industrial laundry standards as well as soil release finishes if required. Sustainable options when needed.

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